There are two ways that you can help fund the research project at Texas Children's Hospital and raise awareness of SCAR7 (Atypical TPP1 Deficiency) and other rare disorders.  The first is by purchasing a #FightingForMaya T-Shirt and the second is by donating directly to the SCAR7 research project at Texas Children's Hospital.  Details are below.

Does your company match your donations to non-profits?  If yes, consider purchasing a shirt and making a separate donation to Texas Children's Hospital.  Texas Children's is a 501 c3 and most companies will match your donation.  If you work for Qualcomm, the gift matching policy is available at this web address https://community.qualcomm.com/docs/DOC-19332.

#FightingForMaya T-Shirts

In order to raise awareness and funds for the research project we have created a  #fightingformaya T-Shirt campaign. You can order shirts here or by sending us an email at bjames358@gmail.com. 

Once you receive your shirt, we ask that every Friday you show that you are #fightingformaya, by:                   
    -Wearing your shirt
   -Taking a Selfie
   -Adding the hashtag, #fightingformaya
   -and sharing your pic with the world.

      Go crazy, be creative and have fun!!!

Donations to Texas Children's Hospital:

1. Online by clicking on this link (http://waystogive.texaschildrens.org/scar7) that will take you to the Texas Children's Donation page for SCAR7 research.

You may make your donation in honor of "Maya James".


2. By mail:

Texas Children’s Hospital
Development Office
Atten: Kristen Miller
1919 S. Braeswood Blvd., Suite 5214
Houston, TX  77030

Please include a note with your donation indicating that it is to be used for “Dr. Sardiello’s work at the NRI on SCAR7”.  Your check should be made out to Texas Children's Hospital.

Texas Children's Hospital is a non-profit organization.  If you work for a corporation that matches donations, we ask that you take the extra steps to request a matching contribution.  Matching details are provided in the online donation option or by contacting Kristen Miller (see below).  Texas Children's EIN number is 74-1100555.

If you run into problems or need to speak with someone about a donation, please contact Kristen Miller (832) 824-2937 at Texas Children's.  Kristen has been phenomenal in helping us with logistics at Texas Children's.  100% of the funds raised through the above link or mailed in (with the SCAR7 note) go to the SCAR7 research project.

To learn more about the Jan and Duncan Neurological Institute at Texas Children's and their important work, Click Here.

To learn more about Dr. Marco Sardiello, Click Here.